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Hasret Demir

Hasret Demir

Hi everyone, I’m happily married to Joost! After obtaining my Master's degree in Tax Law from Leiden University in 2017, I have worked as an international tax lawyer in the corporate world for almost 3 years. I decided to quit my job as a tax lawyer early 2020 and to further pursue my dreams - not knowing where the journey will lead me to. I tried to listen to my heart and be bold - even if this brings uncertainty - most of the time it leads to experiences bigger and better than you dared to dream! This being said, I love to discover the unknown because it enriches my view of life. Sailing is a great example as you (mostly) never know where the wind will lead you and what the ocean has to offer you. Also, I love to travel and cool adventures. Spontaneous situations are my favorite because they often bring the purest and most fun situations, places and people on your way! I had literally no sail experience when we bought Svea in 2018 plus I have always been a bit overwhelmed of the enormous beauty and power of the ocean. But I’m slowly but surely starting to become a real… mermaid. Talking about adventures.. sailing is an ongoing, never ending adventure for me;)


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